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Hand Made Vacuum Tubes by Claude Paillard

Though mostly replaced by transistors and other solid state achievements in our modern electronics, the vacuum tube still holds an important place in our hearts. To this day vacuum tubes remain in demand for both nostalgic and practical applications. To a great extent, most tubes on the market today are backstock form huge production lots produced in the heyday of tube electronics. To produce many of the lesser known and less used varieties (and there are many) commercially on a large scale would not be viable. Because of this a new world of “artisan” production has arisen. Mr. Claude Paillard hand makes vacuum tubes for his personal use (and i assume to a small commercial extent) in what has to be the most excellently outfitted home shop I have ever seen. I’m not sure if the video below is art or electronics, but it is certainly beautiful.

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Mechanical Targeting Computers

Mechanical computers are just amazing. The complexity and effectiveness of multiplying cams, shafts, cogs, adding and subtracting gearings, and the like are simply stunning. In a modern age of high capacity storage devices and lightning fast digital processing Its easy to loose track of what we could do, and did, with a mastery of mathematics and mechanical engineering. Watch all 7 videos circa 1953 and really gain an appreciation for these amazing devices.

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